Our Learning Center

COURT SLIPS contains our summaries of significant WA State employment discrimination issues addressed in recently published (within past 12 months) Washington State appellate court opinions. This blog reflects our commitment to remain at the cutting edge of our field.

FREE WASHINGTON STATE LEGAL FORMS provides access to an enormous amount of trusted legal forms and do-it-yourself packets. All forms come with our reviews for reliability.

THE LAB contains our articles based on experimental concepts in employment law. Attorney Gregory Williams creates an issue and then explores it through legal research and analysis.

THE RUNDOWN contains our briefs of Washington State caselaw touching on employment discrimination issues. Our goal is to brief every employment discrimination case in the State of Washington that involves the Washington Law Against Discrimination.

TOP-3 contains our articles about significant issues in WA State employment law. The articles are designed for easy comprehension and operate like a top-10 list but in groups of 3.

WA CANONS OF STATUTORY CONSTRUCTION contains our summaries of canons that Washington State courts use for purposes of statutory construction; a properly used canon can sometimes make the difference in a case.

WLG BLOG - the blog that started it all. Attorney Williams originally created this flagship blog in 2011. We've transferred it to different website formats and hosting providers throughout the years, but we've managed to maintain our rich archive of articles. The blog currently resides on Google's secure blogging platform--Blogger--where it will remain indefinitely as Attorney Williams continues to post interesting and informative articles.

WLG VIDEOS contains our educational videos regarding Washington State employment discrimination law. We are committed to increasing our library of free videos every year as long as there is a demand. The videos originate from our Williams Law Group YouTube channel.

WSHRC DIGEST contains useful information regarding the Washington State Human Rights Commission (WSHRC) including statutes, regulations, and articles.

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